1400 Vacuum Tube Furnace

1400 Vacuum Tube Furnace

1.Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
2.Heating Power: 6 KW
3.Furnace Tube Size: Dia 100 x L1000mm
4.Heating Zone: 300mm


1400 High Temperature Vacuum Heating Element Tube Furnace Price For Lab



Mainly used for ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, special materials, building materials, universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do powder roasting, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments, material processing, quality universities, research institutes Industrial and mining enterprises do high temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiments, vacuum annealing and so on.

This furnace uses Silicon carbon rod as heating element, adopts double-layer shell structure and 31-stage program temperature control system, phase shift triggering, thyristor control, furnace high quality high purity alumina fiber, vacuum forming fiber poly light board material. A double furnace structure is used. The furnace has the advantages of temperature field balance, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving.

Adopting international advanced technology, the high-performance, high-energy-saving new type developed by ourselves adopts energy-saving ceramic fiber material double-layer structure, which can reduce the external temperature to normal temperature and make the inner cavity temperature distribution uniform.

Parameter Item

Tube Furnace  TOB-G1400-100

Voltage AC

AC220V, 50HZ

Heating Power


Furnace tube size

100x1000mm(out diameter*length)

Furnace tube material

Corundum tube


Heating Zone


Constant Temperature Zone


Max working Temperature


Long-term working temperature


Heating unit

Silicon carbon rod


Heating Rate

1-20 ℃ / min adjustable

Suggested heating rate

3 ℃ / min temperature rise rate

Temperature control precision


Passable atmosphere

Co2,Nitrogen, argon, etc.

Temperature measuring elements and temperature measuring range

S thermocouple, temperature range 0-1400 ℃, The thermocouple is close to the outer wall of the tube, which can reduce the exterior temperature to normal temperature and make the temperature distribution of the inner cavity uniform. 

Original electric appliance

Partial selection of Schneider imported brands 


Instrument control

Yudian GP518P 


Sealing Component

Custom seal flange



200pa  Digital vacuum gauge   




Control Method

Control mode: Adopt automatic control system, it can run automatically after setting the program from room temperature to set temperature.

The system is controlled by SCR, the temperature control system is modular in design, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. 

Adopt Yudian instrument, imported SCR control, programmable 31-segment, multi-segment power limit function, multi-group PID parameter self-tuning function, freely set constant temperature and heat preservation curve, no interference switching function, instrument with temperature correction and compensation Features.

Programming curve segment number

The 31 paragraph can be adjusted to reduce the unnecessary trouble caused by artificial timing.

Display accuracy


Digital display

Measuring temperature and setting temperature double display

Control characteristics

Control system modular structure, long life design of key components of the equipment, simple and reliable process, good stability and high precision.

Air cooling system

The fan impeller is mounted directly on the bottom of the double furnace shell and assembled with the control system. When the sintering furnace is heated, air cooling can reduce the surface temperature of the furnace shell and protect the heat of the electric appliance, and the personnel operation is safer and the efficiency is improved. 



The lining is made of high-quality high-purity alumina fiber, vacuum-formed fiber-reinforced light-weight board material, light-weight hollow-balloon alumina board, high temperature, low heat storage, resistance to rapid heat and cold, no cracks, no slag, good insulation performance ( The energy saving effect is more than 80% of the old electric furnace). The double-furnace structure patent is a patented feature that not only heats up quickly, but also has durability and long-term use without collapse. 


Heat insulating material

High quality alumina multi-fiber insulation material, the insulation layer is 150 mm. 



The furnace shell is welded with steel plate and profile. The shell is equipped with removable protective board, and the protective board is electrostatically sprayed and lacquer. Fine workmanship, beautiful and generous.

Furnace structure

Double-layer furnace shell structure, air-cooled circulation, reducing the temperature of the shell. Shell surface temperature < 60="">

The surface of the inner furnace is coated with a high-temperature alumina coating to increase the heating efficiency of the equipment and to extend the life of the instrument.

Energy saving performance

Light weight, fast heating, energy saving more than 50%, save time and labor.

Random spare parts

One copy of the instruction, crucible clamp and high-temperature gloves.





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